Linen Blazer with Royal Blue Details

£80.00 £65.00

60% Organic Cotton 40% Linen

Ethically hand-woven and sewn in India



Why do we love this fabric?

Fully renewable and biodegradable

The farming method actively improves soil health by rotating crop cycles and restoring organic matter

Farming method allows ecosystems to thrive

Farming method protects the health and wellbeing of farmers and their families

Organic cotton production process uses approx. 70% less water than conventional cotton

Organic cotton production uses approx. 60% less energy than conventional cotton

The flax plant for linen requires very little water and energy to produce


We hope you fall in love with this piece, but if it's not quite right for you, we'll send you a free UK return label

 Size UK

Waist (inches)

XS 6 26
S 8-10 28
M 10-12 30
L 14 32

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